Book Publicity Tips

From large to small publishers, much of a book’s publicity and marketing can fall on the author. Here is a quick guide on how to get the most bang for your buck in book publicity.

  • Start early! 
    • You should submit your book to advanced industry reviewers such as Publishers Weekly and Library Journal.
    • Their submission deadlines are typically 3-4 months ahead of the book’s publication date. 
  • Engage in Social Media
    • Your readers want to hear from you and get to know you. 
    • Find your writing community online, these peers will help boost and support you through the whole publishing process.
  • Invest in an advanced review platform. Netgalley and Edelweiss are the 2 most popular. You will find a plethora of readers and reviewers on these platforms, gaining reviews before publication is most beneficial.
  • Embrace book bloggers and bookstagrammers
    • Find those that prefer the genre of your book, please don’t spam these great reviewers with the wrong genre.
  • Get on Goodreads
    • Goodreads is a valuable tool for book reviews, they offer some paid marketing tools such as book giveaways which are greatly helpful in getting the word out on your book.

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