Publisher Services

Logline Media offers an extensive list of publishing services to help independent presses create quality books.

Book Design

Logline works closely with the author or publisher to ensure the cover design is representative of the story. We utilize free stock photos, artwork, and fonts, or the client can purchase specific choices. The interior layout is also catered to the theme and genre of the book, while adhering to the printer’s standards. Logline offers professional, industry standard fixed or responsive eBook conversion, this ensures that your digital copy looks stunning and functions properly.

Book Design Services

  • $700
  • Full book cover design includes front, back, and spine.
  • Three cover mock-up options
  • Four design passes to perfect the final choice.
  • Free stock photos, artwork, and fonts are available, or the client can pay to purchase specific choices.
  • $325 base + $5 to $8 per page depending on amount of images.
  • More images and pages will generally take longer.
  • The layout process involves several passes, with each style element such as font and spacing subject to the client’s approval.
  • Logline will work with your printer and adhere to printing standards to help create the best product.
  • Starting at $260 – based on length and amount of images
  • Maintain print version styling such as: drop caps, chapter headings, section breaks, specialized formatting, bolds, italics, font changes.
  • Clickable TOC (Table of Contents)
  • External links for Websites, e-mail address, etc.
  • Remove page numbers, headers, and footers.
  • Front matter (Title page, Copyright, Dedication, etc..)
  • Formatting (Images, charts, Footnotes, Endnotes, etc..)
  • Book’s metadata.
  • Starting at $2000
  • Style consultation
  • 3 different cover mock ups
  • 3 passes on final cover design
  • Full interior layout
  • 3 passes/choices for interior design elements
  • eBook formatting


Logline offers copywriting, editing, and design for marketing materials and author websites.

Marketing Services

  • Press Sheets
  • Tip Sheets
  • Author Bios
  • Marketing Plans
  • Author Q&As
  • Press Releases
  • Book Swag & Merch
  • Book Description
  • Media Pitches

Marketing Packages

  • Full Press Kit
    • Press sheet
    • Author Bio
    • Author Q&A
  • Author website
  • Media pitches
  • Back cover copy
  • Swag design
  • Full Press Kit
    • Press sheet
    • Author Bio
    • Author Q&A
  • Media pitches
  • Back cover copy
  • Swag design
  • Full Press Kit
    • Press sheet
    • Author Bio
    • Author Q&A
  • Media pitches


Logline offers editing for every stage of the writing process, from assessment editing to proofreading for print. Our professional editors are members of ACES and the EFA and hold advanced degrees in book publishing and long-form journalism. Logline edits children’s books, young adult, genre fiction, literary fiction, memoir, and nonfiction. We offer customizable editing packages.

Editing Services

$.01 per word

Addresses character development, structure, narrative and plot development. A rough draft is required.

Addresses structure, setting, description, language, narrative, pacing, dialogue, and character development. A developmental editor works closely with the writer, sometimes doing multiple passes on a single manuscript. A rough draft is required.

  • Fiction – $.03 per word ($2400 80k word book)
  • Nonfiction – $.04 per word
  • Business/STEM – $07 per word
Copy editing is line by line editing checks for consistency, grammar, syntax, punctuation, flow, structure, tense, and so on. A developmentally edited draft is required.
  • Fiction – $.02 per word ($1600 80k word book)
  • Nonfiction – $.03 per word
  • Business/STEM – $04 per word

$65 per hour

Verifies factual information given in a story. A fact checker flags incorrect information and suggests the accurate information. A developmentally edited draft is required.


Compares the final copy edit to the designed interior. The proofreader checks for formatting issues and confirms that no new mistakes were introduced during the design process. An interior designed draft is required.


This is the last pass before a manuscript or article is submitted to a publisher. A proofreader checks for punctuation, grammar, and formatting issues. A polished draft that has been through all editing stages is required.

$300 – $600 per book

A sensitivity report is necessary when writing characters that are very different from the author. A sensitivity read is often needed in order to avoid offense and/or inaccuracies. A sensitivity reader has a similar life experience or expertise as the character in question. Logline has access to a pool of sensitivity readers and will work to find the best fit for your project. The reader will generate a detailed report of any issues with suggested solutions. A developmentally edited draft is required.

$300 – $600 per book

Gives feedback on an unpublished work from the perspective of the average target reader. Beta readers discuss problem areas, tone, flow, what’s working and what isn’t. The report will include these issues as well as any questions the reader has about the story, characters, dialog, and ending. A rough draft is required.

Editing Packages

  • Developmental edit – 2 passes
  • Fact check and sensitivity reader consultation
  • Copyediting – 2 passes
  • Post design proofreading

Fiction/Memoir $.09 per word
Nonfiction $.10 per word

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Services & Packages

Consulting & Pitching

We sit down with authors and carefully assess their publishing goals. We go over their manuscript or proposal, their writing history, and their network. We develop a plan based on each specific project. We discuss the author’s expectations of sales and what they can generally expect, in terms of sales, when considering each option. We can be available to writers through each step of the publication process or any step that they feel they need help with.

We write or edit author queries for articles or books, including author bios. We help authors put together professional book proposals for nonfiction manuscripts. We research agents and publishers that would be a good fit and help authors put together a submission plan for their manuscript.

The most important part of the life of a book is getting it into readers’ hands through marketing and publicity. We help authors write and pitch professionally designed press kits to media, influencers, reviewers, and awards. A publicity campaign usually begins six months before publication and lasts anywhere from a few months to a year after publication.


Book Design

A cover design can increase the visibility of a book by 50 percent. A custom cover design includes three cover mock-up options, then four design passes to perfect the final choice. Free stock photos, artwork, and fonts are available, or the client can pay to purchase specific choices.

Margins, white space, font, the way the text wraps around images, the way the text appears on the page can disrupt the flow for the reader. An interior layout includes 3 passes/choices for design elements.

Logline offers professional hand-coded eBook conversions as MOBIs, EPUBs, or PDFs. These files meet industry standards and will maintain the design elements of your printed book. Our ebook conversions work for all eReader platforms including Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Google Play, and Nook.



Authors need website to showcase their writings. Author websites can play an important role in getting an agent or publisher.  We design intuitive, simple, and seamless websites with a hierarchy displaying the most relevant information first. 

Book swag for giveaways can make great pre-order incentives. If you want to have some bookmarks, mugs or other giveaway swag made, Logline will design them for you to match the branding and theme of your book.

Logline writes and designs full press kits including: one sheets, tip sheets, author bios, blurbs, book summary, press releases, media pitches, author contact info and social media links

Logline writes book summaries, author bios, and taglines.


The Intersection of Craft and Publishing

Writing programs and literary communities are full of talented and studied writers. These are communities that teach and promote the literary side of writing: classes, workshops, readings, literary magazine submissions, writer retreats, fellowships, and residencies. This background gives writers a solid understanding and fosters a lifelong devotion to the study of craft. However, it does not teach writers how to navigate the publishing industry. Publishing is a business that functions quite differently from the literary world.

The life of a book has just begun after the completion of the first solid draft. The pervasive myth is that writing is a solitary endeavor, but it takes a team of people (agents, publishers, editors, designers, publicists, distributors, reviewers, and more) to get a book into the hands of a reader. Logline helps distinguished writers publish because we believe their books should be on the shelves.

Navigating the publishing industry requires an understanding of the publishing process including submitting to agents or publishers. There are thousands of presses in the US alone. There are small local presses, Big 5 presses, and everything in between. Each type of press offers varying levels of advances, editing, design, print quality, rights sales, publishing time, and distribution. Proper publicity and distribution are imperative for book sales and also something to consider when choosing a publisher. Some publishers offer little to no publicity or distribution.